Dilshad Mehta

Intuitive Reader | Personal Mentor | Soul Friend

Marika, Teacher

I’ve never had a reading before. I was stuck. I had a particularly rough week centering around what I wanted for my future relationship and what my next steps should be. I was feeling really desperate and in need of an outside force of wisdom and encouragement.

I had run of the mill skepticism…will I feel more confused? Is it all bullshit? Is this going to plant a seed in my head and lead me to make a decision I wouldn’t have otherwise? I really liked the plethora of options that I felt surrounded me after receiving my reading.

It was not an answer per say, it was guidance on the possible feelings and energy that I could experience. I also really liked that Dilshad provided me with a situational clarification reading, it truly helped me more than the Q/A reading!

I would recommend Dilshad’s readings to anyone looking for a little inspiration and encouragement from a highly intuitive woman who I believe has a real talent for perceiving our deepest longings, fears and purpose. If you need a little flashlight in the darkness of indecision then definitely go for it.