Dilshad Mehta

Intuitive Reader | Personal Mentor | Soul Friend

Justine Taormino, Allowing Myself

I signed up for a reading with Dilshad because I just wanted some type of intuitive guidance. I knew that I was in my own way and wanted a bigger picture view of my dilemma.

My favorite thing, was that my reading was an exact experience of what I go through in my life on a larger scale. I’m resourceful and smart. I can find solutions to problems quickly, but sometimes those solutions don’t sit right with me, and then I beat myself up. I won’t take the action when my brain says just do it already because it all feels forced. And then the despair or frustration kicks in because it seems like the thing that I want, or the solution, isn’t possible because the just do it already action isn’t something I want to do. Instead of being all “Hell yes – I’m awesome and can figure this out,” I wallow or shut down. I can’t see any options.

My reading actually unlocked this information both by what Dilshad read in the cards, what the cards themselves represent and with HOW THE READING ITSELF WENT. The reading came at a perfect time. Less than a week later, I feel much clearer about where I want to go next.