Dilshad Mehta

Intuitive Reader | Personal Mentor | Soul Friend


I’ve completed about 4 readings with Dilshad. They were about nagging questions that I needed help with. Tarot readings with her have given me that little extra something to add to my other personal work (like therapy, meditation etc). They offer insight from a completely new and different perspective that I couldn’t find elsewhere. 

I was able to take a few phrases from the readings. I’ve been using these almost daily to help me stay focused on my path. And to help me stay with myself, instead of floating off on someone else’s energy. 

Her readings have been very helpful to me. I would recommend her to people who are open minded and looking for answers. I would also refer her to people who might benefit from her special blend of no-nonsense, down to earth manner, and  kindly delivered spiritual insight (so people who don’t need coddling or  a hand to hold, just some helpful information and insight from a friendly spiritual guide).