Dilshad Mehta

Intuitive Reader | Personal Mentor | Soul Friend

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Every psychic, witch, intuitive reader, healer, medium, etc. has their own process.

And I am no different.


The following is a description of my method and why I do it this way.

The intuitive arts have helped me more in my life than anything else.

However, there were a lot of times when I felt like I was being talked at, didn’t have much room for questions, and I would only think of questions after the reading was over.

It would leave me feeling much less supported than before. And I was left with more questions than answers.

So I decided to go a different route.

I bring you to the intuitive conversation in a big way.

This means you get time to sit with the reading.

Then after you’ve explored the reading, you’ll have a session with me just for your questions, your spiritual coaching, and your journey.


Moving away from systems of patriarchy

For the past few years I've really been seeing and healing patriarchal systems and mindsets. Not just within other people but within myself as well. It's affected us all in very deep ways. 

So there are a couple of ways I've healed this wound in my work.

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First, I encourage you to be involved in your reading. You get to practice really receiving. Then you get to hash things out with me 1:1.

Second, I want to give you an experience, not just a reading.

I want to have the experience be your teacher.

What does it feel like to just receive? What does it feel like to slow down and sit with something?

Third, when I can, I move away from the money system and focus on barter or gifting economies. Charles Eisenstein's book - Sacred Economics has been a great influence in how I've set up my practice.

Fourth, all of my clients have come to me through personal connections and referrals. I like this relationship model of people coming to know my work. I do not advertise. 

Finally, I haven't perfected my system (yet), but for now, it feels good to serve in this way.

You can find my work on these sites:

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My services are for you if:

You love spirit work. You appreciate it’s power.

You’re ready to put in conscious effort. This means actively listening to the recording (maybe even more than once), taking notes, and coming prepared for our 1:1 conversation.

This is co-creation with spirit, and co-creation invites you to show up.


My services are NOT for you if:

You want me to predict your future. This messes with your head, takes your power away from you, and makes you dependent on me.

Furthermore, there is NO fixed future. None whatsoever.

You’re uncomfortable with swearing. I like swearing. 


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