Dilshad Mehta

Intuitive Reader | Personal Mentor | Soul Friend

This mentorship is designed to develop your intuitive toolset. 

Each session will be a combination of theory and practice. You will practice, receive feedback, and troubleshoot with me as your witness and guide.


This mentorship is for you, if….

You’re fucking tired of reading books, watching videos/documentaries, listening to gurus/podcasts, etc. 

You’ve developed a healthy weariness towards information.

You’ve developed a beatific devotion to wisdom.

Being confused is getting old. Being overwhelmed is getting older. Being unfocused is so stone age. (Who am I kidding? I love the Stone Age)

You’re rolling up your sleeves as you’re reading this.

You appreciate a mentor who cusses, cries, and laughs with you. I’m beautifully human too. The only thing that makes me qualified as a mentor is practice. And more practice. There will be zero “holier than thou” crap. 

You value a mentor who is in this world and doesn’t indulge in spiritual escapism. I work for a large software company AND I howl at the moon.

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How this program works

Topics I have either training or personal life experience with or both:

  • Rituals, spells, ceremonies

  • Trance journey work (with plants, animals, spirit guides, deities, elements, etc)

  • Meditation (chakra meditation, silent meditation, guided meditation)

  • Readings with oracle cards (I highly recommend starting with oracle cards before tarot), tarot cards, bibliomancy

  • Pendulum readings

  • Qabalah (I won’t teach this but I will draw from it)

  • Energy healing (self or others)

  • Building relationship with a deity, spirit guide, archangel

  • Channeling

  • Manifesting work

  • Dream analysis

  • Moon work, working with natural cycles

  • Energetic boundaries, especially with empaths

First, we will have an introduction call to determine what you’re looking for and what your plan is. I will listen to your ask and I will provide feedback on what I intuit your plan could potentially be. 

You will have your first session within a week of this planning call. 

The next three sessions will be scheduled every 2 weeks. You will schedule all these sessions right from the start. 

In between sessions, you will have homework. It will be short, sweet, and doable. With an emphasis on experimentation rather than achievement. 

You also have 4 15 min calls you can schedule to troubleshoot in-between sessions.


Planning session + four 1 hour sessions + four 15 minute calls = $600

Bonus to Encourage Relation-ship

I’m not sure if this will be a forever bonus. My rates are already very affordable compared to the market. But something in me wants to honor and nurture this mentoring relationship a little more.

So for now and for the foreseeable future, mentoring clients will receive 25% off intuitive readings. Currently my rate is $150 per reading. So mentees pay $112.50. Again, this is subject to change without notice.

In addition to that, my mentorship client has the opportunity to gift one discounted reading to a friend. 

Again, please note, all this might change in the future.

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Getting Started

I offer mentorship plans on an individual basis.

Every individual is different and requires a different plan.

The only hard requirement for this process is that you've had a reading or another service from me before. No exceptions. This is so that we both know that we are the right fit for one another.

First Step: Fill out the form below in as much detail as possible

Second Step: We will schedule an introduction call together. During this call we will discuss what you'd like to get out of our time together, what you're looking for, and where I can support. We'll come up with a plan during that time. Or I'll take some time to make the plan and send it to you to evaluate.

Third Step: You can decide (in your own time) if you'd like to move forward from there. No pressure. No obligations.

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