Dilshad Mehta

Intuitive Reader | Personal Mentor | Soul Friend

The purpose of this grimoire is....

to help me be a good ancestor. To be a good ancestor to you, your ancestry, your lineage, my ancestry, my community, etc.

The purpose of a grimoire in general is to have a book of a witch’s personal magic. And for them to hand it down to their lineage. It’s their legacy.

In a way, the magic a witch works with is also likely to be the magic that their blood and the people around them would resonate with. Because birds of a feather. Because your vibe is your tribe. Etc.

I do not want children of my own. I’ve always said that I was born already having a child of my own. And that child is this entire universe. This is a feeling I’ve had in my bones all my life.

So I knew my grimoire had to be online and it had to be on my website.

All the magic in here is tried and true. For me. To me. This means I’ve tested and experimented with it over a period of time.

Take what you like. Leave the rest.

Everything I do is my truest attempt to create a beautiful world for me and for every one. This is one such attempt.

For every entry into this grimoire there will be a sigil or pictures accompanying it. It will be a sigil I’ve designed or a photo I’ve taken or a photo I’ve selected to transmit the energy I want to convey. When words fail or are too tiring to read, may the images give you everything you need.

The sigil accompanying this post was created with the intention of “I create heaven on earth”.


I create heaven on earth

I create heaven on earth